Enroll in QuindewFall

Perhaps now more than ever, your child might need a little extra help or more opportunities to improve his/her reading comprehension skills. Schools all over America are offering online education to keep students safe. Teachers are doing their best to reach all of their students, and we know that students thrive with individual learning paths. Quindew specializes in the explicit teaching of deep reading comprehension. Quindew will adapt to your child's reading needs and identify a path to maximize growth. Giving your child extra reading minutes each week with quality reading instruction can really make a difference. With QuindewFall, your child will read more and learn more. Kids find Quindew fun and motivating! I’m sure your child will love it too! 
Enroll your child in QuindewFall today and get these benefits and so much more!
20 minute reading lessons with on-demand videos from a real classroom teacher
2 reading lessons/week for 12 weeks that challenge and engage your child
Explicit reading instruction that teaches state reading standards and deep reading comprehension skills
A parent portal that allows parents to view reading activity and performance data
Positive messaging and celebrations that motivate your child to learn and grow as a reader